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There are a number of publications which can help you as you develop, market and manage cultural heritage tourism in your community or region. Some of these publications are listed below along with links to other websites where you can order these publications online.

The following publications are available through the:

American Association of Museums

Mastering Civic Engagement: A Challenge to Museums
This call to action from the Museums & Community Initiative challenges museums to pursue their potential as active players in community life. Essays and reflections by museum professionals and community practitioners offer food for thought on the complex process of changing the terms of engagement between communities and museums. ($30)

Museums & Community Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to assist museums in planning successful museum-community dialogues. It includes helpful hints, logistical tips, and sample documents for organizing a structured conversation among people involved in the business of building community. ($22)

Americans for the Arts

Cultural Districts Handbook: The Arts as a Strategy for Revitalizing Our Cities
By Hilary Anne Frost-Kumpf. This handbook reveals how cultural districts are established, the processes and players that can help define their shape and strategy, and how cultural districts can best reflect the unique strengths of cities and well as support local artistic and redevelopment goals. ($23)



Other Publications

African American History & Culture in Museums:

Strategic Crossroads and New Opportunities

This publication is available from the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS). The reports results from a day-long forum where 30 invitees - leaders in the African American museum community and the museum community at large - explored the evolving role of African American museums, their contributions, and their challenges.  Read more about the IMLS and learn how to obtain a free copy of the report.

Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Cities
Americans are migrating to communities near national parks, national wildlife refuges, and other natural areas in search of a better quality of life. As a result, communities surrounding these areas, known as gateway communities, are experiencing change at unprecedented rates. This book describes opportunities for preserving the character and integrity of gateway communities and the natural systems that surround them without sacrificing local economic well-being. ($23.50)


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